Updated: Motorists urged to take “extreme caution” on Norfolk roads as conditions remain treacherous

PUBLISHED: 12:47 16 January 2013 | UPDATED: 09:01 17 January 2013

A snow casualty on the A11 near Hethersett. Picture: Denise Bradley

A snow casualty on the A11 near Hethersett. Picture: Denise Bradley


Motorists have been warned to take extreme caution in the snowy and icy conditions which yesterday brought much of Norfolk’s roads to a standstill.

The warning has been issued by Norfolk police - who are urging drivers to allow extra time for their journeys today - following a series of crashes overnight in the treacherous conditions.

Numerous crashes have been reported to police on snow and ice-covered roads across the county, and officers have also been alerted to a number of vehicles have broken down or got stuck.

By 1pm police had dealt with 13 minor crashes and about eight reports of obstructions on the road, including some broken down vehicles and some escaped sheep.

A police spokesman said the collisions had all been minor incidents but warned people to take extra care when travelling.

Among the incidents that have happened are:

• Guist: A single vehicle went off the road close to the pub the Fakenham side of Guist on the A1067 at midnight.

• King’s Lynn: A single decker coach went off the road and into a ditch on Queen Elizabeth Way. The incident was reported to police at 1.44am.

• Narborough: A car was in collision with a garden wall at 4am destroying most of the wall.

• Carbrooke: A car went into a ditch between the B1108 and B1077. It was reported to police at 6.17am but is believed to have happened at about 5am.

• Hevingham: A two vehicle collision next to the Marsham Arms pub at 8am.

• Trowse: A lorry jackknifed just before 10.30am on the A146 Norwich-bound at the traffic lights near the Bungay turn. The road was cleared by 10.50am. Police said the driver was not injured.

• Colney: A lorry broke down just before 10.50am on the A47.

• Harford Bridge: A two-vehicle crash on the King’s Lynn-bound carriageway of the A47 between the A140 and A146 junctions just before 10.30am.

• Lenwade: A lorry and a Fiat Punto were involved in a crash on the A1067 near the Attlebridge turning just after 10am.

• Wymondham: A car went into railings at Harts Farm Road at about 1.30pm. Police said nobody was injured.

• Great Yarmouth: At the Vauxhall roundabout at the end of the A47 a car broke down at about midday.

• Stibbard, near Fakenham: A Suzuki and a white transit van were involved in a crash at 11.30am on Wood Norton Road.

• Attleborough: A 4X4 was involved in a crash at Foundry Corner at about 12.20pm.

• Pulham Market: At about 11.30am on the A140 three HGVs were stuck on a hill and one had now broken down.

• Yelverton: Police were called to reports of sheep on the A146 after they had escaped from a nearby field. The sheep were back in the field and secure by 3pm.

With temperatures plummeting to as low as -10C last night conditions remain icy today which has meant that the roads are becoming very busy with slow-moving traffic.

A police spokesman said roads are passable but drivers should take “extreme caution” and “drive to the conditions”.

He said: “Drive with extreme caution, allow extra time and accept that your journey could take a lot longer than normal”.

The spokesman added police were “extremely busy” yesterday but were “prepared for whatever happens today”.

Between 2pm and midnight on Monday Norfolk police dealt with 49 collisions, from Midnight on Monday until Midnight on Tuesday police dealt 84 crashes. From midnight until 9.30am today there were 5 crashes.

This story will be updated throughout the day.

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  • pubmandave. I'm astonished. archant you need to visit Dave and if the story is true it needs to be published. shame on you council and shame on you binman for running to your bosses and telling tales. truly pathetic.

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    Thursday, January 17, 2013

  • Still clear on the east coast. Blue sky, suns outs. Frost this morning but no snow whatsoever.

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • Tips for driving in snow & Ice…. If your vehicle windscreen is covered with snow or ice, when starting your vehicle: 1. Adjust your heater-flow to ‘defrost’ 2. Point your interior sun-visors straight down to the floor [this will trap the defrost-air against the windscreen] 3. Set the fan-speed to 1 [low velocity heat flow is warmer than fast velocity] Blow on the back of your hand lightly and feel the warmth, now blow hard on the back of your hand and you will feel it cool….same source of heat, just different velocity.. When a cold car starts, the engine idle-speed is generally 200-400 rpm higher than a warmed engine, so if you have a manual transmission, shift into 2nd or even 3rd….Take your foot OFF of the accelerator…..DO NOT PRESS ON THE ACCELLORATOR….Now slowly release the clutch and the car should advance forward without additional acceleration. [think of it this way. If you were standing on an icyslick surface and wanted to go forward, would you begin running or would you ease forward??] Once moving, DO NOT accelerate hard…..just enough to get moving slowly. For an automatic transmission, never use ‘1’ [low] or ‘3’ [generally this is the same autoshifting without an overdrive gear [starts in low, shifts to second, then to third], so the starting gear is too low to allow an easy forward movement. Second [2] will generally get you moving without fishtailing… When driving in these hazardous conditions, maintain your steering in a controlled manner; no sudden turning of the steering wheel….this would just allow the car to slide sideways or even spin out of control. If the car slides sideways, turn your steering into the direction of the slide….i.e., back-end slides to the right, turn the steering to the right…. [slides to the left, turn to the left.] If the roads are dangerously slick and you are approaching a hilloverpassbridge, try to set your steering course BEFORE you make contact with it and hold it steady. Trying to change your course direction under these conditions will almost always result in sliding sideways or spinning. [Overpassesbridges freeze before the streets…..there’s no ground to absorb the chill effect of the temperature] Estimate how much speed it’s going to take for your car to reach the top and safely, accelerate to that speed…..If you try to accelerate going ‘up’, you will more than likely spin out…. When approaching to stop, try not placing your foot on the brake and shift to Neutral, thus allowing the car to coast slowly to a stop….braking suddenly will almost certainly make the car slide to the side. NEVER USE CRUISE CONTROL IN THESE CONDITIONS….acceleration is your worst enemy

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • More salt please!

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • It is about time that shopkeepers and residents were obliged to clear the snow and ice from the footpaths in front of their properties.

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    Disgusted of Norwich South

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • Cajun, you forgot to mention clear all the snow off your vehicle with a soft broom or whatever you can before you go anywhere, the amount of people I saw who had their headlights on but left them covered in snow, roofs covered with snow so a sudden slow down or stop that sheet of snow falls forward blinding them, rear lights, reg plates covered etc etc was amazing to see how stupid some drivers are, before you move off get all the snow off your vehicle! I was using my gears to slow down on a hill I was going down, slow and in full control with a vehicle full of children, some man came round the corner I was approaching, swerved around a shallow puddle of all things into my side of the road, then had the cheek to shake his head at me the muppet, get safe drivers!

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    Jason Bunn

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • So many people are paranoid that if people take action to clear their paths and roads, and someone has an accident, that they will get sued. Communities need to pull together and get things cleared up themselves. If every household did their bit, life would be so much more simple.

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • Lots of ice plus Big Brother Norwich City Council. I live in an area of Norwich with many elderly neighbors, this morning armed with a bucket of sandsalt mix and a spade I and another friend walked around the estate clearing elderly neighbors pathways. At around 10.15am we were 'warned' by a council binman that "you shouldnt really be doing that", half an hour later and we recieve another visitor - Mr Norwich City (Its more than my jobs worth) Council Official. The 'adviceorder' is for us to stop clearing the pathways or "I'll have no option but to ask the police to inforce my instruction to you" ??? Yes really in democratic (what a joke) Norwich this morning we were ordered to stop clearing driveways !!!!

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • When will the DVLA bring in and enforce Mandatory Winter Tyre Laws as they have across The EU? Most Brits are rubbish at driving in winter conditions with slick summer tyres fitted. The A47 and A11 were fine to drive on, once you got past all the sunday drivers on summer tyres hogging the outside lane this morning. Fit Winter Tyres and carry wheel chainssocks for when you run into sheetblack ice on the roads. it was -11'C on the A47 @08:45 :)

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • Wahooooo its the local World Rally Championship. Cajun you forgot the colored sticky tape on the center top of the steering wheel so one knows which way the wheels are pointing. "Fire up the Quattro"

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    Paul Morley

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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