Two unexploded 500lb bombs found on Euston Estate - bomb squad perform controlled explosion

A bomb team at the Euston Estate. Credit: Suffolk Police A bomb team at the Euston Estate. Credit: Suffolk Police

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
1:09 PM

A bomb disposal team has been called to the Euston Estate after two 500lb unexploded second world war RAF bombs were found.

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Suffolk Police were initially alerted to the estate just after 9am yesterday after a member of estate staff stumbled on the two devices.

The MOD bomb disposal team from Colchester garrison were called to the estate, but passed on the call to a team from RAF Wittering after the bombs were found to be RAF devices.

The team stayed at the estate overnight before removing the bombs this afternoon.

A spokesman for RAF Wittering said the two bombs had been removed and made safe.

“We found two 500lb class British bombs of World War II vintage at the site. They were assessed as being safe to move and taken to another defence area where they were demilitarised, that is, made safe with a small controlled explosion,” he said.

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  • I'm afraid this will happen again when they dig up Coltishall. Bombers returning from a mission after being shot up would drop their bombs inert close to the airfield then they would be just dug over and left

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    Ian F

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014



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