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  • I sometimes think that when some (most but not all) people go to the shops and one supermarket in particular they are given an immediate lobotomy as they pass through the doors. It seems to deprive them of all awareness of others and empowers them to stand in the most obstructive places to conduct inane conversations, oblivious to others trying to get out of the aisle. Then, when it comes to the check outs they queue in a daze, as if in a trance only awakening just after their goods have passed through to suddenly remember and fetch items they forgot to get in the first place because they were blocking the aisles conducting their inane conversations. When they have done that, they then have to remember where their purse or wallet is and then and here comes the difficult bit, remember their pin numbers for their cards. What conclusively proves my theory is that when faced with a queue of many at one particular check out they will join that queue rather than a shorter one elsewhere. Mind you heaven help the person that flaunts the longer queues and goes for a shorter one. That action seems to trigger off some sort of herd behaviour and muttering, targeted at the one who did go to the shorter queue and questioning that person's inability to remain one of the herd and think independently. All this behaviour is apparent year round but is most obvious in the time running up to Christmas or when the weather puts the fear into the minds of those attending these cathedrals of 'economy' and causes them to think that they cannot survive a couple of days of snow without clearing the shelves of all basic products. Just in case, you know.


    Friday, January 18, 2013

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