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  • You obviously dont use the train very often then Yellow blood If you did you would know that whilst seats are reserved up to a limit, tickets are sold for trains without limit and do not guarantee a seat. Anyone who uses the East Coast line on a regular basis at peak times will know the joys of standing for miles. It is unrealistic to expect a rail company to find a large number of carriages out of the blue for a one off event, although it might be reasonable to expect a little more slack in the system this would only put up fares for regular travellers. Coaches contracted for an event are sold on a seat basis-this just doesnt apply to trains. Which is just as well-in other countries where it is impossible to travel on some trains without a seat reservation one can be left unable to travel unless plans are made a long time in advance. This just sounds like a lot of people who rarely use the train having a moan.

    Daisy Roots

    Monday, January 07, 2013

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