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  • Sorry but Daisy Roots comment is right! read the comment properly before spouting off! I wouldn't be at all happy if this happened to me and I had to pay for the privile of the police damaging my vehicle! So the car had a flat tyre you never gone to your car and found a tyre flat? As for the car not on the DVLA computer takes time to appear if you change owner has anyone actually asked or have you just assumed? and so what if he in unemployed happens to many people what are they suppose to do give up their hobbies because of it? Doesn't mean he's not looking for work or is avalable does it? Just a page full of selfish people hope you never have anything like this happen to you or that you lose your job and end up with people ready to stick the boot in because they jump to conclusions!

    City Boy

    Sunday, November 25, 2012

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