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  • mr bumphrey i would like to enlighten you on a few of your points. .the community of surfers in norfolk is well in excess of 100 the cromer fishing fleet 10 maybe 20 at best .it's not convenience, it is by far the best area to surf in cromer. is it not the boats that use it for convenience because its near the prom and the slope? .the are often near the lifeguards because the lifeguards are surfers and that's how they have become competent enough to be able to rescue the public from a tricky situation in the water. .yes mr kewell is registered to operate on cromer east, and can i say the lifeguards were not consulted who also work on this side of the beach .surfers are subject to parking fines on the prom as are everyone else and so rarely park there and do so at their own risk . as for everyone who believes they have too much time on there hands or shouldn't be somewhere so dangerous understand this. surfing is the most addictive activity in the world it excites it relaxes its a destress for many its also a social seen, its a sad reflection of the world if being happy and content is downgraded to a stupid past time. its also a great way to provide the young comunity with ocean skills a love for the enviroment and a great fitness level in the great outdoors which sadly many now lack. for all you who don't understand i ask you to try surfiing then make your judgement. finally more enlightenment on the situation as a whole. I was present the morning of the dispute. one surfer was aware of the incoming boat and changed his path but as before the fishing boat changed direction and headed in close to the surfer. on the beach surfers, before saying anything were given a tirade of abuse, and some was given back which admittedly lowered them to the level of the fishermen and was a bad way to handle the situation. more boats came with no issues one boat came so close after once again appearing to change direction he began unprovoked swearing at the surfers in the water, then later on land threatened to run them down and kill them next time. it has been witnessed by many that surfers have been aimed at by the fishermen in an attempted to scare them out the way which is disgraceful and dangerous. the simple to solution to the problem, which can i just say has been blown way out of proportion! is this a simple warning say a blare horn when fishermen are approaching, and the fishermen land within a buoyed area which is vacated by surfers when the horn sounds then a second horn to say the area is clear for use. oh and one final point for all surfers use the area anyway the signs are unlawful, in order to enforce the signs a bylaw must be passed which hasn't. both sides just be respectful! hope this has helped the misinformed.


    Saturday, July 16, 2011

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