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  • The fishermen are worried about hitting a surfer, absolutely fair and valid point. But what about all the other people that use the beach? Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but as I see it the fishermen are far more likely to hit a hapless swimmer or a little kiddie paddling around in the shallows than they are a surfer. Surfers sit up higher in the water on their boards so are more visible, are looking out to sea so they will probably be able to see the boats on their way in, and are generally capable paddlers so will be able to move out of the way when they are. So, as the fishermen have said they think it likely they will hit someone, drastic measures need to be taken. Yes, lets move everyone who might possibly ever be in the slightest danger of being hit by a boat; swimmers, rock poolers, parents and toddlers paddling in the shallows, dog walkers along the foreshore… the list goes on. If we’re going to try and stop one group using the water for their own safety then surely we need to try and stop them all? Then in 10-15 years time when there are no more fish to catch and the eco system has finally been destroyed people can start using the beach and the water again (although by this time I suspect these measures may have had a detrimental effect on the local tourist economy which is so important to the town). OR, might it be more sensible to just accept that people are free to use the water as they please, whether it be for swimming, paddling, fishing or (god forbid) surfing, and try to help and educate people so that they may stay as safe as they possibly can?

    Maxine Archer

    Saturday, July 16, 2011

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