THE Lowestoft and Southwold Coastguard Rescue Teams have been called out this morning (Tuesday) following reports of a “dolphin ashore” on south Lowestoft beach.

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Crew members from the Lowestoft and Southwold Coastguard Rescue Teams attended the scene at about 10am, and discovered a harbour porpoise had been washed up.

A spokesman for the Lowestoft and Southwold Coastguard Rescue Teams said: “This is the second porpoise that has been found in the past ten days. This one came up overnight on the beach directly near to CEFAS (the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) and was found by the council digger working this morning.”

Attending the scene on behalf of The Crown, the role of the Coastguard Teams is to gather information for the Natural History Museum.

The spokesman said: “The animal was found to be a harbour porpoise, which was deceased. Information and measurements were taken for the Natural History Museum and it was passed onto CEFAS, where depending on the animal or species this then dictates the course of action.”

Admitting this was an unusual occurrence, the spokesman added: “We normally get called out to porpoises that are washed up three or four times a year.”

On her daily run along Lowestoft beach, Maria Beer was with her two dogs Zeus and Pippin when she spotted the mammal.

Mrs Beer, from Carlton Colville, said: “I was having my daily run on Lowestoft beach about 9.15am to 9.30am and at first I thought it was a dead body, then realised what I thought was a dolphin. It was just past CEFAS and was about 20 yards out of the water. I was speaking with another lady at the scene who said that it was the second dolphin that had been found in the past ten days.”

She added: “I originally come from South Shields in the north east, not far from Newcastle, and was really surprised to come across the porpoise as I’ve always lived on the coast and never seen it before. Such a shame it was dead.”




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