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  • Can someone from the council answer me these simple questions i have asked them time and time again and never had an answer, 1) why do they think in a recession when we all are having to titghen our belts and cuts are being made to public services like social services etc etc, childrens services, schools are being cut nurses laid off, half the army made redundant that it is clever to spend over 12 million pound on what is obviously not humanimously wanted in the town, in fact most people are against it and very very mad about it 2) why do the council think in the middle of a recession its fun to play with peoples lives, as a shop keeper i have mortgages to pay, peoples wages to pay, i employ 18 people in bungay and pay there wages but no one listens to or answers anything about this, this is the wrong climate to be playing god and guessing with how this is going to effect the the town, if this is a flop will i be compensated when i cant pay wages or i lose everything, they forget that this is not just my shop or my business its my job and loads of other peoples job, we all depend on it and need it the shops are good for the town a lot more good then any one way sytem will ever be, if you dont have shops you dont have a town, 3) how much money has been wasted on this allready ?? 4) why did we not trial the cheaper options first 5) why can we still not trial the cheaper options all the above is becuse the council do not want to lose face but doling so is ruining this once lovely town that people used to flock to untill this lot got there hands on it, no originaly im not from suffolk and i dont care what anyone says about that, i wasnt born here, but growing up where i did can make me see how lucky we was and still are living in such a nice place but bit by bit slowely but surley it is all going down the pan for the last 10 - 15 years this town has lost all that was good about it, and that can only be down to the people running it, some of them yes do want the best for the town, but they are fighting the close knit friends who only have there own selfish views

    Craig Trickett

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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