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  • I am basically in favour of the scheme BUT--there are still many problems to be discussed and resolved. As a promoter of sustainable transport,i.e walking ,cycling, car sharing and better public transport links; I feel that although in my opinion this was the best option of the three on the table, none are going to be able to solve the problem of traffic travelling through a medieval town. I have put off commenting before now as I know as a former Councillor that whatever decision you make you are bound to be unpopular,this does not worry me too much now because I have had time to think it through but am always willing to listen and be persuaded otherwise. When the proposals were viewed by invited business people in the town (of which I was one) there were no more than about twenty that turned up.When I questioned some of them afterwards to why they had not been to the meeting,this is just some of the comments."there is no point in going, it won't change anything", "a waste of time"."I am not spending time coming back to Bungay after working all day" ,and several more but along the same lines.Well these people wasted the time and rate payers money because they did get their say because council officers had to come out again to meet them to discuss the proposals. What I do feel is wrong is what a lot of people said right from the beginning .Let us have a trial with traffic wardens in place every day,fining heavily to see if our streets would be free of parked cars.As for trinity Street and some other streets in the town ,why are the residents allowed free parking? I and others do not have that privilege ,outside of my house I have double yellow lines. I think that it would help the traffic to flow better if there was parking only in front of the church when there was a wedding funeral on,free parking at all car parks and a mandatory twenty mile p.h.limit enforced by a resident traffic warden.(At the present time traffic is faster through the town than ever,who is monitoring it??)Town and District Councillors,when did you last do any speakingpromoting cycling ?do you know that at the present time that it is dangerous to cycle through Bungay?.As an experienced cyclist I know that once I am out into the road my safest option is to stay out and not wave in and out of the bollards etc but children and less experienced do just that because they think that it was they are supposed to do,go and take a look Councilors if you are brave enough!


    Sunday, February 10, 2013

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