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  • I strongly disagree with everything written below. The comments show opinions of, what I believe to be, an older generation. How can you "not have a problem with gays" and then go on to define homosexuality as "two men mucking about"? The government has already stated that church's wishing not to partake in same-couple marriages are allowed to step back, so where's the problem? This isn't something forced, it's a new option to churches as individual bodies if they wish to bless two men, or two women who wish to seek that. It makes me so upset when people write out things about a community they clearly have no idea about. You write as if homosexuality and other sexuality types other than heterosexuality is by choice. You write as if these people go out of there way to hurt you - yet you've probably never properly encountered someone of this background. Newsflash - If homosexuality was a choice, why would people choose it? That's ridiculous. Take a look at countries other than ours, where young men get stoned to death for "choosing to be homosexual" How much pain and suffering do you people need to see before you subside on your ignorance? -.- Look into something before you make stupid, spur of the moment comments... As for the younger MPs making these votes - That would be exactly my point. The older generation wouldn't vote for such a thing because again, at the end of the day it's just discrimination. Doesn't matter how nicely you wrap it up... One day we'll live in a world where stuff like this doesn't matter because people will get wise to the world, just like these YOUNG MPs are doing


    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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