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  • This is an interesting one. In another situation the PM would be projecting himself as a wholesome Christian sort when courting that type of voter. Or is this just a huge PR smokescreen to keep headline-writers off less palatable stuff? Anyway, here is the dilemma. On the one hand you have the literal truth of Christianity and related (Abrahamic) religions, which is unequivocal on the subjects of marriage and homosexuality. On the other hand you have “progressives”, who with one breath would pronounce themselves Christian, whilst with t’other they look to remodel God in their own image so as to align religious customs with their “modern” views and values. This pick ‘n’ mix cherry-picking is the other side of the coin that is islamophobia. Needless to say these “relaxed” Christians feel threatened by a religion vigorously promoting observance of orthodox principles, and are quite happy for a proxy war to be carried out on their behalf by the EDL and others, whilst of course publicly denouncing them.

    Mr Cameron Isaliar

    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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