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  • Honest John- I agree that we should know what the settlement was for Kevin Vaughan in monetary terms. It is our money after all. There have been many cases in the national media about pay-offs to top bankers,ambulance CEOs, railway officials - all sorts of people. We are told of the amounts involved in graphic detail in fact that's how ' joe public' found out in the first place. So what is so different with Kevin Vaughan? we even know how much the CEO will be getting when he goes! It was passed in council! So what is this settlement behind closed doors? Why is this man so protected? There was talk about he having a grudge about his treatment by Adult and Childrens' Services Department - something about private school fees, was it? This has got to be sorted out, not for us to take revenge on this misguided soul who almost thanked Murphy for the rough treatment he received over the email affair, but to get to the bottom of something which sounds extremely murky.


    Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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