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  • Totally agree. The tory party at County Hall would have to be bonkers to appoint Borrett. That, frankly, would be just like appointing Murphy all over again. He has been in Murphy's pocket for so long there is no way he can be a fresh start for the Tories. But who to choose? They are to a great extent a bunch of cowards who hung around mutely obedient refusing to stand up for the people of Norfolk. There are only two people who were overtly brave and one of them is not standing this time having got so fed up with the party they cannot go on. In any event, if the public are wise enough to see these creeps for who they are then it wont be a problem. It will only take 19 seats to change from Tory to anything else for them not to have an overall majority, athough if George Nobbs sitting right in front of his mate Murphy nodding away yesterday is anything to go by we will have to hope that the rest of the Labour Party are proper socialists and put him back in his box if he supports the Tories.


    Saturday, February 02, 2013

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