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  • What planet are Breckland Council on? A proposed 7.8% rise in Council tax! We are on the cusp of a triple dip recession and they propose to impose the largest council tax in the country. I am fed up giving my hard earned money to useless, incompetent administrations. I am a Breckland Council tax payer and kindly suggest that if William Nunn and his colleagues want to play at running businesses they should resign and join us in the real world. They lost millions of our money in Icelandic banks and refuse to comment on the rent arrears owed to the Council by Barnham Broom Golf Club. Not a penny more should be charged to Breckland Council tax payers until the golf club rent is fully paid and the Council have done everything possible to cut costs. No marks to the EDP today for a leader suggesting this policy is a good thing. The proposed rise in Council tax could be offset by cancelling my EDP subscription. Come on EDP speak up for your readers, not the Council.


    Saturday, February 02, 2013

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