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  • I have read the above article with interest, my Great Grandchildren are on the list of Children looking for "Forever Families". This make me laugh as they already have a loving family that wants them back. They were taken in May under the Heading " At risk from future emotional harm " , what harm that was we do not know as they were never harmed before. Does Norfolk Social Service have a Crystal Ball that can look into the future and tell us when this harm is about to happen. After all my Granddaughter does not drink ,take drugs or raise her hand to the children, do the Social Service know something we dont. Like when she is about to start doing these things. The only thing wrong with this loving family was their Father has a slight Learning Disability and the little boy had one too. The little boy also has Hypo-Mobility which the ss say is down to bad parenting, if he was born with it how is that so.The little girl ,4, soiled herself, there is a letter from the hospital saying she would grow out of it as it was common with children that age. County councillor Sue Whitaker, children’s services spokesman for the Labour party, said: “They make every effort to try to keep children with their families.”Made me laugh, there was no effort at all just a 10 min visit from a social worker every week. I agree there is some children that need adoptive parents and all the effort should be put into finding them a "Forever Family " but SS should make every effort to make sure they do not split loving families up. As I see it Social Services need a big overhaul in their dealings with vulnerable parents instead of bulling them into doing what they say. The Social Workers right reports and twist the words what the parents have told them . Every door we try to get through to talk to anybody in Authority gets slammed in our face. We want these Children back and will go all the way till we get them xx


    Sunday, January 13, 2013

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