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  • You don't bury pylons, you bury the cables and avoid using pylons. Should of been done like that from the start, aesthetics aside which is obvious the cost to maintain not just pylon cables but all electric supply cables interweaved amongst tree's, the down time to businesses and homes which the compensation for is minimal when the slightest wind or rain knocks power out for hours or days, is what it is all about, it is cheaper to do the wrong thing than to do the right thing, no skin off EDF's nose when my business is down due to yet another power cut as there was a breeze blowing a branch onto a power line but if they had to pay the real cost of that they would soon bury all electric power supplies for reliability. To be honest the amount of power cuts we suffer does my head in, it isn't like we live in a land of earthquakes either but it is a windy land so the best place for power cables is underground, get on with it, bit like BT with their lack of development too, they're all the same, putting profits before development and before what all their clients deserve.

    Jason Bunn

    Friday, January 11, 2013

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