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  • Yet again common sense goes out the window as soon as Tesco's name is mentioned. All these people complaining for no logical reason does get a little tiresome as the minority shout loudest and think they are represent the masses. Politicians hype it all up for a bit of cheap publicity and self promotion. Reality is that Tesco have been successful because they are very well run and give the majority of the public what they want. If people really did not want them, they wouldn't shop with them and Tesco would not trade well enough to be bold enough to consider taking on more premises. Those that complain need to understand this. In the case of the Tramway, the pub has traded poorly for years, like so many pubs - main reason being that lifestyles have changed. Tesco will preserve the building by refurbishing it and maintaining it far better than any pub tenant has done for years. If all these people that purport to be so upset about losing a much needed pub then they should have actually used it. It will not have been let to Tesco had it been well used, fact. If Tesco open and people do not want to use the shop, then don't and keep using the other shops. They won't though, as they are hypocrites. Do these same people complain about Google, Apple, Virgin etc, who all run very successful businesses giving people what they want and putting other, less successful businesses out of businesses......I think not, why? Good question. Whilst it is sad that some small businesses are not developing the way they should and some pubs are no longer wanted, it is not Tesco's fault, it is the fault of the average consumer who always votes with their feet (and purses) and not by signing stupid, ill conceived petitions.


    Friday, November 23, 2012

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