Ed Miliband bounded on to the stage without his jacket, promising the conference session would be for delegates to ask questions and that he wouldn’t be making a speech. Then he made a speech.

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You can’t blame him I suppose. He’s waited two and a half years for some media praise. Now that it’s come he wants to wallow in it.

Plus, the Great Western Rail Franchise fiasco meant the government had not just given him an open goal but had practically kicked the ball in the net for him.

When he’d finished speaking, a great grandma from Brighton stood to ask a question but instead proclaimed that Ed had kissed her at the south west Labour conference. It seemed insignificant at first but when another woman stood up and said Ed had kissed her too a few eyebrows raised.

A third stood up: “You haven’t kissed me yet, but you kissed Barbara yesterday.”

Nearby by Barbara blushed. Ed really has been enjoying his new found success.


  • Good job then delegates and the political hacks were still in bed recovering from the night before when he appeared on BBC Breakfast Time. It`s amazing how a simple question caused Ed to have a spectacular car crash. Mr Miliband, " How much are you worth." To which there came no reply. Miliband looked like he had been smacked in the face with a wet fish and never recovered his composure. He waffled on but I think the millionaire tax jibe is now dead in the water. Quite why it took a sofa bound presenter instead of a political hack to ask the obvious question to which we all would like an answer I don`t know.

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    Thursday, October 4, 2012

  • There is a big difference between an individual's wealth and their income.The top rate tax increase did not give £40,000 to Ed Miliband but David Cameron has trousered his.Are the Tories now planning a mansion tax because of the value of Ed Miliband's house?Or are the Tories now planning a wealth tax?Tories at their most puerile are losing the centre-ground.It is all a cover,of course,for their complete incompetence over the western rail franchise fiasco and to deflect from the fact they have had to ban their own chief whip from conference.Presumably to caution him on his language and keep him away from the odd pleb he might bump into.

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    Peter Watson

    Friday, October 5, 2012

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