Outside the conference centre yesterday an over-excited student kept bounding up to anyone that approached the entrance and yelling “shame on you” in their face.

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No matter if you were not actually a politician, or even a member of the Conservative party. There was still shame on you for some reason, for being in Birmingham perhaps.

Either way, once you got inside the ring of steel and into the conference proper there was very little shame. This was a party determined to show it was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was doing the right thing.

Foreign secretary William Hague, a man who once shamelessly declared that he drank 14 pints of beer a day as a teen, was unabashed giving his speech.

He launched a broadside at Ed Miliband’s speech, the one in which he sought to steel Benjamin Disraeli as an icon for his party.

In reality the attack was a little turgid, but you could see Hague thought it a pooh-poohing of the highest order in his own mind. That’s what 14 pints does to you.

In his head he was slapping the speech in the face with his unhanded glove and demanding satisfaction, he was giving it a wedgie. “We know a little more about Benjamin Disraeli,” he said to the crowd with that springy voice of his.

But he didn’t mention Disraeli’s comment that a law giving 200,000 more UK citizens the vote would simply enfranchise “a horde of selfish and obscure mediocrities, incapable of anything but mischief”.

No politician seems to remember that bit. Shame on them.

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  • ah, wee Willyum Vague, the half-pinter, mission creep incarnate. Does anyone recall with a frisson of horror that for a few fleeting days during the summer recess, while Bullingdon Boys Dave and George were orf on their vacs, Blighty was left in the capable hands of William the Vague, and then of Theresa 'detox' May? Strewth. If the balloon had gorn up, can yew imagine the goings-orn at Cobra? Best draw a veil over that unappealing scenario... and draw comfort from the fact that those pesky terrists aren't quite as smart as we thought they were! Fancy missing an open goal like that?!

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    martin wallis

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012



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