Five Norwich projects costing £1m recommended for 2015-16

09:06 11 September 2014

Golden Ball Street could be opened to two-way traffic. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Golden Ball Street could be opened to two-way traffic. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY


Five projects designed to improve transport and the environment in Norwich have been put forward for 2015-16, using more than £1m from a newly introduced levy.

Daffodils and sun on Riverside Walk, which is set to benefit from funding this financial year and next. Photo: Steve AdamsDaffodils and sun on Riverside Walk, which is set to benefit from funding this financial year and next. Photo: Steve Adams

The projects include £500,000 to remove traffic from Westlegate and open Golden Ball Street to two-way traffic, and £250,000 of improvements to encourage more people to use Marriott’s Way.

Norwich City Council’s cabinet last night agreed to recommend that the full council approves draft Norwich annual business plan for 2015-16, which included the schemes.

They would be funded by money from the community infrastructure levy (CIL), which is raised from developers and can be used for roads and other infrastructure.

The business plan also includes a total of £300,000 to work on developing four other transport schemes, so they are ready to put in place in future years.

Marriott's Way could be improved under the plans.Marriott's Way could be improved under the plans.

These include making Prince of Wales Road and Rose Lane open to traffic in both directions, but with Prince of Wales Road only open to public transport and essential service vehicles; improving the Guardian Road junction with Dereham Road - currently a roundabout - where buses are delayed, and making “significant” improvements to the blue pedalway, which connects the city centre to Eaton via Newmarket Road, and the Sewell area.

The cabinet recommended Norfolk County Council pay for this development work.

Council leader Brenda Arthur said: “It will make the city an easier place to walk, drive and cycle through, and make real improvements. What’s not to like about it?”

Golden Ball Street / Westlegate - £500,000

Plans to take traffic out of Westlegate, and make Golden Ball Street a two-way street is part of the Norwich Area Transport Strategy.

That scheme aims to encourage more people to cycle, walk or use public transport across Norwich, and remove through traffic from the inner ring road.

According to council documents, the plan for Westlegate and Golden Ball Street would see the traffic lights at the junctions of Cattle Market Street and Farmers Avenue, and Ber Street and All Saints Green, reconfigured so traffic can go northbound along Goldren Ball Street, as well as southbound.

The proposals would see Westlegate closed to all vehicles, apart form “a handful of service vehicles”.

The report to last night’s meeting said: “A public realm scheme will see the creation of an attractive and inviting route through from St Stephens to Ber Street.”

It continued: “Implementing the Westlegate and Golden Ball Street schemes will build on the improvements realised as part of the Chapel

Field North scheme that is currently under construction. Together, the schemes remove much of the traffic in the heart of the shopping area between

John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and The Walk creating a safer, more attractive environment for pedestrians.”

Riverside Walk - £30,000

The projects that are set to be funded by the community infrastructure levy in 2015-16 include a continuation of work to improve the riverside walk in Norwich.

Work has already been proposed for 2014-15 to improve river banks, seating and interpretation along the walk in the city centre.

The council report considered at last night’s meeting said: “This will lead to improved usability and attractiveness.”

The work already programmed for the current financial year is due to cost £40,000.

Yellow pedalway - £250,000

A study will be carried out to identify the “significant improvements” that are needed at “many location” along the yellow pedalway.

It is one of seven strategic cycle routes in the Greater Norwich cycle network, connecting the newly-opened University Technical College Norfolk, in Old Hall Road, through Lakenham, to the city centre. It also connects Norwich International Airport to the city centre.

The report to last night’s meeting said: “It has the potential to provide a healthy and affordable method of getting from these less affluent residential neighbourhoods to places where jobs are being created around Hall Road, the city centre and the airport.”

Earlham Millennium Green - £66,000

Earlham Millenium Green, one of the first millennium greens in the country, is set to see a 500m gravel path re-dressed.

The council report said the project aimed to “enhance Earlham Millennium Green for site users and wildlife. Specifically the site will become more resilient to cope with increased usage generated from nearby developments, especially Three Score.”

The spending is aimed to create improvements to access, as well as an enhanced potential for educational use of the site.

The report said the 500m gravel path, which runs through the middle of the site, is currently worn and washed out, and would be re-dressed with “more erosion resistant materials”.

Marriott’s Way - £250,000

Marriott’s Way follows a former railway line from Norwich to Aylsham, and work for 2015-16 will continue work this year.

Last night, council officers said the work would aim making people feel more secure, with surfaces and cutting back greenery among the options.

The report said: “There are many places between Barn Road and Hellesdon Road where improvements to access, surfacing and landscape could boost the number of people using the route and its contribution to the biodiversity of the city.

“Officers from the city and county council are currently reviewing the priorities and it is clear the work will extend beyond 2014/15 and the £60k allocation for the initial phase of work this year.”


  • It's about time that lighting was installed on Marriot's Way between the Barn Road entrance and Andersons Meadow.

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    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • Marriott's Way - they're probably looking at the part between Hellesdon Road and Gunton Lane. That's heavily overgrown and meandering and could do with opening up as per the rest of the Way. But .... £250k? What contractor are they using?

    Report this comment


    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • Yet more money wasted on crazy ideas by our car hating council.....

    Report this comment

    Norfolk John

    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • I've been waiting for full Pedestrianisation of Westlegate for ages, would be great for the city and could look very pretty if done right.

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    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • A year or so ago the County Council put Train Wood, (off Barn Road at the beginning of Marriott's Way) on the open market. At that time the City Council said it did not have the funds to purchase Train Wood, but now funds are available and I note that there is no mention of securing this facility for the local population and the many visitors to the area.

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    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • I think a scheme like this should be open to the public to vote on. They way things are going Norwich will become a ghost City, the Council seem hell bent on banning cars from the City, and as for making it easier for pedestrians there are a lot of people with restricted movement, and public transport is hardly the best answer, being so un-reliable. Some of the schemes being mentioned are a backward step, as canuk says , I also remember when POW Road was two way, and carried on up and along Castle Meadow. Where do the Councillors get these mad ideas

    Report this comment

    Derek McDonald

    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • Progress? I'm totally baffled. All this but still no disability access at the city's disability assessment centre! I know it's different budgets etc but hey.........

    Report this comment


    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • “Cutting back greenery, surfaces!” It is the greenery and wild roughness that is Marriott’s Way’s magic and attraction. If people want cut ‘back greenery and surfaces’ then there are plenty of tame and boring parks in and around Norwich.

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    Thursday, September 11, 2014

  • When I worked in BR's Grosvenor House, P o W rd was two way traffic, you could walk along the riverside road from Thorpe Station to the ship basin and up river to Pulls Ferry. Your council spent money and closed it off and now they want to spend money opening it up again, what gives?? Can politicians and logic be considered in the same sentence?? I sure am glad I do not have to pay yours taxes anymore...

    Report this comment


    Thursday, September 11, 2014

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