Jordan Dunton, left, and Ashton Tokley, right

Dragoons homecoming: Video-Thousands line Dereham streets ahead of Dragoons parade

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
11.13 AM

Crowds young and old are lining Dereham Market place ahead of the welcome home parade for the Light Dragoons.

Crowds gather for the Light Dragoons paradeCrowds gather for the Light Dragoons parade

Norfolk Police estimate up to 5,000 people will watch the event, due to start at 11am, with 800 school children among them.

Air cadet Jordan Dunton, 13, is selling souvenir programmes produced by the Dereham Times in aid of the Colonel’s Appeal.

The Neatherd High School student said: “They have been fighting in the war and their wives are probably missing them most.”

Ashton Tokley, 14, also an air cadet, added: “Thank you for helping us, and welcome home. I would just like to say thank you.

“I has been a very big turnout. I came a few years ago and I think people are much more aware now.”