Doctor Who star Sophie Aldred visits the Dawn Of Time coffee shop in Lowestoft at the weekend. Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel with Sophie Aldred.

Photo gallery: Ace opening for Doctor-Who inspired comic and coffee shop

Monday, January 13, 2014
10.06 AM

Doctor Who fans descended on Lowestoft at the weekend as stars of the show travelled through time to visit the town’s new comic and coffee shop inspired by the science fiction show.

Excited fans queued out of the door to get a glimpse of Sophie Aldred, who played the Doctor’s companion Ace in the 1980s, and Andrew Cartmel, a script editor of Doctor Who for three years, at the Dawn Of Time coffee shop.

Owner Jim Poole blended in dressed as the second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton in the 1960s, and said he was thrilled to bring the stars and their fans together.

Miss Aldred said: “I never tire of meeting fans and I’m always amazed by the turnout. People come from all over and dress up in the most amazing costumes.

“I think it is wonderful to have an enterprise like this and a really lovely meeting place for like-minded people.

“My dad lives in Norfolk and I was half brought up in Norfolk so I really feel like I belong in this part of the world.”

But it wasn’t just visitors excited to see their idols, Mr Poole’s daughter Beatrix, 17, is a die-hard fan of Aldred’s character Ace and can be seen dressed as her every Saturday when she works in the shop.