Map: Mobile signal strength across Norfolk

PUBLISHED: 10:18 14 October 2013 | UPDATED: 10:31 14 October 2013

An interactive map showing the signal quality in Norfolk has revealed that mobile phone connections were best in urban areas, while the more rural parts of the county struggled to get a line.

However, even in urban areas the reception varied according to the supplier, with occupants of the same house with different providers reporting either a very strong or very weak reception.

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Visitors to the EDP website were invited to rate the strength of the signal in their area as part of the Lets Get Connected campaign, with 0 being weak and 5 being strong and the ratings were represented on the map by different colour pins, with dark blue being the weakest 0 rating and pink being the strongest 5 rating.

In total, 330 people provided ratings for the map, with the dark blue and red pins (ratings 0 and 1) being the predominant colours across the county, although there were also many green pins (rating 2).

However, there were also seven pink pins (rating 5), with three in Norwich, one in Honingham, one in Happisburgh, one in North Walsham and one in Wymondham.

There were also a number of yellow pins (rating 4) dotted around Hemsby, Happisburgh, Cromer and Kings Lynn.

Among the postcodes, NR11 which covers the area around Itteringham, Colby and Thurgarton reported the least satisfaction with the signal, while NR29 in the area around Catfield and Repps with Bastwick had one of the strongest signals.

Streets in Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth also reported strong signals, which may have been a reflection of the fact that these are coastal resorts.