Latest in Bodham-turbine saga sees Court of Appeal uphold decision to deny plans for the green-energy development

11:03 06 June 2014

An artist impression of what the proposed Bodham turbine will look like from Osier Lane, Bodham

An artist impression of what the proposed Bodham turbine will look like from Osier Lane, Bodham


A long-running bid to build a wind turbine in north Norfolk has suffered another setback after a decision by senior judges.

The Court of Appeal has sided with a High Court decision to quash planning permission for the scheme at Bodham, near Holt.

The single turbine which would power 600 homes had been refused by North Norfolk District Councillors in 2012, but then granted by a planning inspector.

However, in February this year the council took the case to the High Court which said the inspector’s decision was legally flawed.

Green-energy developers Genetic, run by father and son John and David Mack, then went to the Court of Appeal, which has now said the Macks’ appeal had “no reasonable prospects of success”. As a result, the Planning Inspectorate will now be asked to reconsider the case.

David Mack said he was disappointed with the result but was still confident the project, which would provide energy for 600 homes, would come to fruition.

He said: “The wind turbine will make a huge contribution to north Norfolk’s energy needs.”

He said the Bodham site fitted the criteria for a turbine, and because of the high wind speed, would produce twice as much energy as a similar turbine in Lincoln. He said: “We are certainly thinking about what to do and will either appeal to the Planning Inspectorate or go back to the Court of Appeal.”

The district council’s cabinet member for planning, Benjie Cabbell Manners said he welcomed the decision, which supported the council’s actions in pursuing the case.

He said: “We will continue to act in the best interests of our communities to protect our landscape and heritage assets for the people of North Norfolk and its visitors.”

The district council’s leader Tom FitzPatrick, said: “We firmly believe that onshore wind turbines detract from the unique landscape of this beautiful area, in which tourism forms the most essential element of our economy.”

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  • Quite apart from the fact that this Greeniot lunacy has cost all council tax payers in North Norfolk, a huge sum, money which could have been INFINITELY better used elsewhere, it seems that the applicants are still determined to continue to waste our taxes on this application. This Green idiocy, as all renewables are, would serve only one purpose, and, please don't even begin to imagine that might be the generation of electricity, its only purpose is to top up the Mack's bank account at the cost to all utility bill and tax payers, whether or not that is affordable to to the individual. NO wind turbine, anywhere in the UK, or, indeed Europe, is there for any other reason than to collect subsidy payment. As a means of generating electricity they are next to useless, requiring 100% back-up from PROPER generation to stand in for them when its not windy, as, for example, right now. When that happens, and it does mostly in onshore sites where wind is much less than offshore, Statoil, (Norway) shares increase in value as it is they who supply the gas to power the CCGT plants which replace the "missing" electricity from these Greeniot idiocies. I, personally, hope this thing is never built, it is a waste of all money, from planning to "possible" generation, it's only purpose is to fill the Mack bank account, it has NOTHING to do with electricity generation, and never will be. Green Energy = Idiocy, every time!!

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    Saturday, June 7, 2014

  • Quite apart from the fact that this Greeniot device is only being planned to harvest subsidy, paid for by all utility bill and tax payers, I am more than a little upset at the amount of all NNDC council tax payers money that has been and the more that probably will be spent on this one planning application. This started in 2011, is ongoing, there has been much money (ours) spent on all of the refusalappealrefusal, now, probably another appeal etc etc etc. This is money wasted which could be infinitely better spent. This Greeniot device, will, at best, produce circa 180Kw on a good day, I am already waiting for the change of use application to downgrade it from 800Kw to 500Kw so that it gets an even higher FIT and take even more of our utility bill money through the higher subsidy that >500Kw gets. The "fact" and that is extremely questionable that it will produce "twice" what a similar machine in Lincolnshire might should be considered as extremely subjective. NEITHER will produce anything at all when it's not windy, then Statoil shares in Norway will increase as they supply the gas to run the VITAL 100% backup these idiotic Greeniot devices require. All in all, I sincerely hope this thing is never built, it increases costs, is an eyesore, and is completely unnecessary for UKPLC electricity generation. Green Energy = Idiocy, every time!!

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    Saturday, June 7, 2014

  • Delighted to hear that a further nail in the coffin of the Mack's Bodham Wind Turbine has been firmly driven in even by the High Court. Yet, Father & Son Mack are still wanting to persue this awful blight on our landscape. If we never want to hear any more of the Mack's and this carbunckle, then take away the Subsidy we all have to pay to support the flawed Wind Turbine ideal. En mass and out to sea, where there is plenty of wind and no landscape or people to offend, is where they want to be, not one or more on-shore dotted about the countryside where greedy land-owners can rake off the free Subsidy hand outs for each Wind Turbine they erect. They are worse than the illegal Benefit scroungers, only (for the moment) legal - which makes it worse. This is nothing but pure greed on behalf of the Mack's to profit by banking our subsidies, this is their true intention as we have no choice but to pay them. Furthermore, the Mack's are doing all this in an attempt to con the public, especially the naiive, that they are saving the planet, mmm...well, take away the Government Subsidy and you'll never hear another green peep from them ever again. The other regretful adjective to describe the Mack's stance in all this is selfishness. Selfish, because the over-whelming local people, including places far further than Bodham, do NOT want this, or any other Wind Turbine destroying our beautiful unspoilt countryside, as demonstrated when a feeble attempt was made to blight North Walsham not so long back to plant one of the biggest Wind Turbines over-looking the Town in existence and 90% of responses from the Townfolk objected to NNDC and was, subsequently and rightfully rejected. Again, subsidy driven behind the 'Green Cloud' for the naiive. Selfish, because our Local Authority, NNDC have also rejected this diabolical Planning Aplication for all the right reasons, yet, still the Mack's intent is to pursue. Are the Mack's going to pay us back for all the extra hours and hours it has cost us in Council Officer time and Legal time they have caused ? I very much doubt it, we have to pay for that. Selfish, because the even after the High Court ruling, agreeing with our Local Authority, who speak for us, rejected this Wind Turbine Application, again, for all the right reasons, still, the Mack's want to pursue. If we want to see the 'Back of the Mack's' - take the free hand-out money away.

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    Nikki Jones

    Saturday, June 7, 2014

  • Well this decision will save tax payers a lot of money and help stop the rise in energy prices. GOOD! Meanwhile in the real world, despite the comments of the land owner above, Wind turbines are at the moment generating just 3.86% of their theoretical capacity and 0.9% of the countries energy needs whilst we import 4.1% of our needs from the French nuclear power plants. We need a real practical energy policy that will produce reliable energy, not intermittent and unpredictable sources that have to heavily subsidised by tax payers.

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    Friday, June 6, 2014

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