File pic of Yarmouth Town Hall from the river

Job losses begin at Great Yarmouth town hall

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
11.59 AM

Town hall bosses facing a £10m budget shortfall have accepted 30 voluntary redundancies – with more job losses to come.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council must find £3.2m of savings in each of the next three years, with cabinet members to discuss where the axe will fall at a meeting tomorrow.

A blueprint for a slimmed down management structure shows £237,000 to be cut from the £620,000 executive management team, and £111,000 from the £1,387,000 service unit managers.

A voluntary redundancy drive has seen 56 staff ask to go, but three have been declined, four withdrawn and 19 are dependent on the council ensuring that services can still be delivered without the staff in question.

In a report, officers admit some staff may receive a pay-off and then have to be replaced.

It reads: “Some of these posts may need to be backfilled so the level of saving will reduce.”

Four posts will be deleted at service unit manager level, along with the role of deputy managing director.

Current managing director Richard Packham is set to leave with a pay-off of £136,000, with his job advertised on a two-year fixed-term basis initially.

Jobs in the new “flatter” management structure would be offered to current staff, under plans, with the 11 new management posts ring-fenced to current service unit managers.

The report adds: “It is expected that the posts vacated by the successful applicants... will be deleted in order to deliver the required savings.”

Plans must still be voted on at full council.