Hunstanton sanctuary rescues settling in to new Great Yarmouth home

A shark in a tank tries to evade the rescuers' net. A shark in a tank tries to evade the rescuers' net.

Sunday, December 8, 2013
11:59 AM

The evacuees from the flood hit Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary are settling well at their new home.

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Fish, sharks, penguins and a turtle were all rushed to Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre after power was lost when flood water entered the West Norfolk sanctuary.

Darren Gook, senior marine biologist at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre, said: “Everything has gone extremely well considering the circumstances we’ve been working in.

“Everyone has settled in well and they seem to be pretty happy.

“We obviously hadn’t expected anything like this to happen so everyone has done brilliantly all things considered.

“Obviously from a fishes point of view the last few days have been very stressful and they get stressed they can get diseases.

“The power went out so the tropical fish will have been at temperatures they are not used to. Other fish are used to clean water and some of the flood water will probably have got in and mixed with their nice clean water so that will be a shock.

“They have then had to be individually caught and taken in the van to another home.”

It may be some time before the evacuees can be returned to their homes as the extent of the damage to the Hunstanton site is still being assessed.

But at the moment it looks like the Great Yarmouth regulars have accepted their new additions.

Mr Gook said: “The turtle we rescued from Hunstanton, called Ernie, had spent some time with our turtle Noah before.

“Noah seems extremely happy that he’s got a friend back, I’ve never seem him so active. They are chasing each other around the tank.

“The six penguins have gone in with ours and they all seem fine. There has been no squabbling which is good.”




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