Some of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Cardiology team who are running the Norwich Half Marathon(l to r) Becky Gibbs, Liam Hughes, Simon Bowles, Tom Egleton, David Ashman, Ian Williams, Stuart Callow and Sam Stuart.

Hospital staff to run Norwich Half Marathon to raise money for defibrillators

Saturday, November 24, 2012
10.54 AM

When a Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital team runs the Norwich Half Marathon on Sunday they will have an inspirational mother they helped look after at the forefront of their minds.

Members of the cardiology department hope to boost the JDP Defibrillator Fund which is a tribute to Janyne Durrant-Pratt, from Frettenham, and was set up by her husband Martin and their daughters Sophie and Lucie after Mrs Durrant-Pratt died in August following a decade of heart problems. Mrs Durrant-Pratt was a passionate supporter of defibrillators in public places after teacher David Board used one to save her in 2010.

Simon Bowles, arrhythmia specialist nurse at the N&N and part of the half marathon team which is also supporting the Norfolk Heart Trust, said: “Janyne was just a lovely person.

“She went through an awful lot but she was always very strong and she was always thinking about her family rather than herself. She was a very inspiring person.”

Mr Durrant-Pratt, who hopes to be there to support the cardiology team on the day, said: “I am totally in awe of what they are doing for the fund and so pleased that because of the fund potentially there will be more lives saved and more people prevented from having heart failure.”

As well as Mr Bowles, members of the cardiology team running the marathon are Liam Hughes, Ian Williams, Antonia Hardiman, Stuart Callow, Rebecca Gibbs, David Ashman, Sam Stuart, and Tom Egleton.

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