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  • As a paramedic with the EEAT there are certainly a number of issues that need to be addressed such as mismanagement, lack of vehicles, and the ridiculous overuse of (no disrespect to them as many are friends) under qualified ECAs that can't do anything but the basic life support and first aid without the say so of a qualified member of staff. That aside there are other issue that would cut the use of the over stretched ambulance service far more than good management. There needs to be a much stronger public education on the need for calling an ambulance. The amount of time wasted on unnecessary or minor calls where people take the easiest route of dialling 999 rather than using common sense is ridiculous. The other big problem for the service is the amount of time spent dealing with primary care issues out of hours (OOH) as the current OOH system DOES NOT WORK. Bring back 24 GPs. If you get paid £100k + a year you should be working when you are needed, which includes nights and weekends! As for recent jumping on the bandwagon comments from certain elements of other emergency services, they are also underfunded and have enough of their own problems to be dealing with. I have nothing but respect for my police and fire services colleagues and friends, but as a paramedic I can give any number of incidences where the police have refused to attend as they're to busy or have had to wait for hours for an officer. They are as over stretched as us. Again, nothing but admiration for fire service colleagues and friends who shouldn't be but in the situations they have in waiting for ambulances, but the FBU can get off their high horse. When they have to deal with the number of calls with the resources we do they would have the same issues. Many fire stations won't do a single call at night and on several occasions paramedics on RRVs have dealt with more calls individually in one night than the whole Norfolk and Suffolk Fire Service put together. No that isn't exaggerating. Lastly, certain pathetic MPs trying to gain public favour seem to always gloss over the fact that THEIR NHS CUTS have gone a great way to putting the service in this position in the first place!


    Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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