Nicola and Adam Cohen of Woodbastwick, with their four children, from left, Oliver, 10; Asa,5; Georgina, 7; and Seth, 1.  Picture: Denise Bradley

Norfolk mum’s pledge to hospital after family dream comes true

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
9.06 AM

After a decade of miscarriage and heartache a Norfolk mother is finally cradling the child she longed for.

Nicola Cohen came to the end of an emotional journey that has been fraught with tragedy when she gave birth to her precious fourth child Seth.

The tot, aged one, has completed the family she and husband Adam have yearned for their whole lives, and she has now made a lifelong pledge to the James Paget Hospital (JPH), after it helped the couple realise their shared wish, by taking on a poignant fundraising campaign.

Mrs Cohen, from Woodbastwick, lost six babies over eight years - including identical twins in September 2011 - and went through gruelling rounds of IVF and fertility treatment to reach her magic number of four children.

And after finally completing her long journey she says she can now focus on giving back to the JPH through Precious Moments, a modelling service that turns plaster casts of children’s hand and foot prints into treasured mementos.

Mrs Cohen, 40, said: “There wasn’t a single point in 10 years where I hadn’t been trying for a baby or grieving for a baby and so to come out of the other end of that tunnel is a massive relief.

“For me it was the end of a very long, hard period and we have taken a lot out of the NHS.

“I could have done a bit of fundraising as a one off but I wanted to make a commitment to raise funds continuously for them, particularly for the fertility department.

“It’s a small thing but hopefully people will get to know about it and I can raise more.”

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