Jane Peabody (left) and Angela Lythgoe  outside The Forum in Norwich on the NHS Blood and Transplant recruitment drive. Photograph Simon Parker

New Blood campaign signs up 50 people at Norwich recruitment day

By Mark Shields
Friday, December 14, 2012
9.00 AM

The EDP’s New Blood campaign has been boosted by 50 new donors after a recruitment day in Norwich – with hundreds more people given the tools to become lifesavers.

A team from NHS Blood and Transplant were at the Forum yesterday to sign up people inspired by our call to readers to replenish blood stocks, which traditionally run low at this time of year.

Georgina Norris, donor relations coordinator, was pleased with the tally given the wintry weather, and said many people had been attracted to find out more after reading about the New Blood campaign in the EDP.

“We are happy with 50 people as that’s 50 people who are definitely signed up to give blood,” she said.

“But there were so many other people we spoke to, answering their questions, giving them leaflets and information or times for they could come and give blood if they were already registered. We must have spoken to 200 people more.”

Two of those to sign up were Ellie Denny and her partner Ben Garwood, Chapelfield shop workers from Norwich’s Golden Triangle.

Mr Garwood, 20, said he had been inspired to sign up by the example of his father, who had donated for more than 50 years before his death in June, at the age of 74.

“Everyone knows someone who knows someone who has needed blood,” he said. “Donating can save lives so if someone needs my blood, they can have it.”

Miss Denny, 20, said: “It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and then I saw the stall set up. I know that it helps people, so it’s something I want to do.”

Derek Carr, lead donor relations manager, praised those who had signed up for having “warm hearts despite the minus temperatures”.

He said the team had also been contacted who had benefited from donated blood themselves, who were keen to share their experiences.

He said: “It’s awe-inspiring when you hear the stories from patients and they are able to tell people signing up ‘this is why we need blood donors’.