Gallery: Boxing hares caught on camera near Bungay

How amazing is it to watch boxing Hares . How amazing is it to watch boxing Hares .

Thursday, February 27, 2014
6:30 AM

These incredible pictures of boxing hares were captured by an EDP reader on an early morning walk.

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While it is not unusual for Frances Crickmore to spot hares on her walks near Bungay, the swift-limbed animals normally dart away quickly before they can be observed.

However, on Tuesday morning, in between rain showers, she was fortunate enough to capture the playful nature of these creatures on camera.

Mrs Crickmore, 63, said: “It’s very rare to get them coming towards you. I was standing in a hedge, and they came running towards me.

“So I kept really, really still and I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Generally as soon as they see you they fly off and it’s rare to capture the hares boxing.

“We think it was a female boxing away a male. There were about 12 all together and it was so lovely to watch them jumping about.”

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