Overstrand Hall senior environmental instructor Scott Eastwood with some of the saplings from the Woodland Trust Jubilee Woods project. Picture: KAREN BETHELL

Saplings re-stock woodland at Overstrand Hall activity centre

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
6.30 AM

Staff at a north Norfolk educational activity centre have taken delivery of 60 saplings, after signing up to a Woodland Trust project which aims to plant six million trees in two years.

The Kingswood centre at Overstrand Hall applied for the trees after its senior environmental instructor Scott Eastwood heard about the Jubilee Woods project, which aims to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee by helping schools and community groups create woodland areas.

Mr Eastwood said: “Because of health and safety concerns and bad weather, we have recently had to take down a number of mature trees, so the Woodland Trust project is a good way for us to protect and enhance our woodland.

“I thought it was a fantastic idea,” Mr Eastwood said. “Any chance we get to replenish and restock trees is very worthwhile, both to make sure we maintain a viable habitat for wildlife and to create a magical place for children and young people.”

Staff at the hall will plant the trees - a mixture of birch, cherry and rowan - at various locations around the hall’s nine acres of grounds.

Groups interested in joining the scheme can apply for free tree packs containing between 30 and 420 saplings, with individuals also invited to take part by buying trees from the Woodland Trust website. www.woodlandtrust.org.uk.