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  • Jamie Smith, please find below my comments on the points you've raised. Build it and the rubbish will come – The rubbish will be from the London Boroughs as recycling in Norfolk increases and NCC become desperate to avoid incurring charges built in to the contract by Cory. You can't keep filling the holes in the ground, recycle as much as possible, and make best use of the stuff that can't be remodeled, or repurposed – I also agree with this, however by NCC’s own admission their recycling facilities do not make use of as much material as is the case in other authorities. Further recycling could be achieved with better, cleaner technology than incineration. I'm sure there will be some sort of EU law against any seriously damaging bi-products of the process. – Unless Cory publish accurate figures regarding the filters they intend to use it’s impossible to invoke EU legislation. If Cory continue to withhold or disguise the information it will be near impossible to challenge it legally. People NEVER want these things to happen near them. People didnt want the wind farm at Sheringham. – Wind technology is not particularly efficient, however I would imagine that those who opposed wind turbines in Sheringham would prefer those to a waste incinerator. There is a massive need for sustainable energy and the fact that we choose to remain a throwaway culture shows the burning process to be one of the best uses of our financial resources. – When you factor in to account the enormous cost of building the incinerator in the first place and its eventual decommissioning costs the financial implications become clearer. This is not including the fines which will be incurred if target burning thresholds aren’t met and also potential upkeep costs. There is of course the longer-term financial burden on the NHS through treating those who will unfortunately develop respiratory problems as a result of the incinerator being build downwind of a major population centre. Save any land that could be used for Landfill for useful things like Hospitals, Schools, Business premises etc. jaroldcanary - the simple fact is that people will take the easiest option. If your plan is so brilliant, why is there no motion behind it? Incinerating this stuff is the easiest way of doing it. – Schools, hospitals and business premises, are you being facetious? There is serious motion behind alternatives to incineration, particularly in West Norfolk, and the Borough council are working hard to implement these changes. Easiest may not always be the best, but you can never satisfy everyone. – The ballot carried out by Borough Council showed that only 8% of those surveyed would be in favour of the scheme, hardly grounds for “can never satisfy everyone”. If anything, any houses near it will be more affordable because, snobs wont want to be near it. RESULT. – You are not talking about affordable housing, you are talking about negative equity and repossession. The council are spot on to push it through, and I don't like agreeing with Tories. So put up AND shut up. – And if you honestly believe that, then I don’t even feel any anger towards you, only pity.

    Sam A

    Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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