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  • This is just the sort of apologist article I expected from the EDP and the sort of daft comment I expected from some readers. The original report pointed out that the householders were waiting for repairs to their door-whether it was a small portion of the door or the whole door is irrelevant.What is relevant that urban areas now have large numbers of what are essentially wild dogs the size of large Jack Russells.The comment that they will only attack humans when cornered is fatuous and to be expected from a Wildlife Trust. Foxes will attack anything small enough that they are not afraid of.If foxes in the urban environment have learned to be unafraid of people and unafraid of the smell of human habitation then they are going to make opportunist attacks on anything small enough.No one would consider thousands of feral Jack Russells spreading mange , Weils disease, toxocara,salmonella, tapeworms etc all over gardens and school playgrounds in their urine and faeces. If Londoners and other city dwellers are too stupid to root foxes out from under their sheds and so indoctrinated by the animal programmes on the BBC that they feed the foxes then they deserve to get bitten. Rabies-just imagine the panic if rabies gets into the urban fox population.

    Daisy Roots

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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