Norfolk MP supports plans to give communities more say on wind turbines

Thursday, December 13, 2012
10.42 AM

A Norfolk MP is backing a government bill which could give local communities a greater say over large industrial scale wind farms in their area.

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon has backed an amendment to the Planning Act 2008 proposed by Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson which would enable communities to decide on applications for wind farms of more than 50mws.

Currently, the act states if a proposed wind farm is going to generate more than 50mws it is deemed to be of “national importance” and called in by the secretary of state, but Mr Bacon is seeking to take the decisions away from Whitehall and give them to local communities.

He said: “I am pleased to put my name to this bill, which will give a greater say to local communities over large onshore wind farms.

“The 50mw limit allows planning decisions on large wind farms to be taken in Whitehall on the advice of planning ‘quangocrats’, which instinctively feels wrong.

“Given that the physical impact of wind turbines is felt by local communities, planning decisions on giant, industrial wind farms should be taken locally”.