Long Stratton home owner Jenny Bacon with the huge icicles that have formed from the eaves of her cottage.

Icicles create spectacular scene in Norfolk village

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
9.29 AM

The big freeze has created a spectacular scene in a Norfolk village where homes were covered in icicles caused by temperatures that dipped to as low as -13.

A row of terraced houses in The Street at Long Stratton has been adorned with the spectacular wintry display as Norfolk was hit by freezing temperatures and showers that dropped a couple of inches of snow across the county.

Resident Jenny Bacon, 65, said she had up to 20 icicles on her property, with some measuring up to 4ft long, which were hanging from the tiles and her roof, while others were hanging from guttering.

Ms Bacon, who lives with her two dogs, lhasa-apso Nelson and cross lhasa apso Tibetan terrier Missy, said she loved the “amazing” icicles which first appeared five days ago.

She said her brother described the icicles as looking like decorations, adding: “It all looks very pretty, doesn’t it? The snow looks very beautiful and pristine to start with, but it has now started to turn a bit slushy.”

She added she had not really been out anywhere, apart from walking her dogs, since the snow started and was now looking forward to warmer temperatures.