A travelling teenager with a passion for geography is hanging up his walking boots to embark on a written adventure about an exploratory trip of a lifetime.

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Daniel Evans left his home in Filby to embark on a four month trip through Alaska, America and Canada at the end of last year after winning a prestigious gap year scholarship with the Royal Geographical Society.

And after touching back down on Norfolk soil the 19 year old, who has a passion for travel writing and has documented his love of the planet in his popular online blog, is now penning a book about his adventures, which he hopes to get published next year.

The former Flegg High School student said: “I’ve always enjoyed travel writing, but on my American trip I only really used my blog (Gepgraphy with Dan) to publish my work. I hope that this book will set the foundations for potentially more books, as I embark upon future trips.”

Daniel was among thousands of hopeful students who applied for a scholarship and was delighted to be picked as one of 14 successful scholars who received a grant to set them off on their travels.

Keen to live the American dream, while exploring some of the world’s most stunning landscapes, Daniel used his £4,000 to jet off to Alaska, the USA’s west coast and Canada.

He spent most of his time in Alaska, where he studied the effects of global warming on permafrost, and spent time with some of the world’s leading professors on the subject going out on field trips and excursions.

He said: “Some of my fondest memories from the whole scholarship were made during those trips, and I have great respect for (geological engineering professor) Ronald Daanen because he realised that I shared his passion and buzz for discovery.

“The other project I worked on was a pioneering investigation into trying to calculate how much methane is bubbling from our world’s lakes.

“It meant very cold work out on frozen lakes but the investigation has just featured in the National Geographic and to have worked on a project, which has made it to those glossy pages, is incredibly enriching.”

But his travels were not all spent in freezing landscapes as he also enjoyed the natural wonders of Niagara Falls and Yosemite National Park, Christmas and New Year in the LA sunshine and the celebrated landmarks of Seattle and San Francisco.

“I have been thinking long and hard about the highlights, and it’s extremely difficult to single a specific one out, mainly because I experienced such diversity,” he added. “For arousing the imagination, it has to be Alaska. It provided serenity and bliss, and for once, escape from the politics of life - especially from the 2012 American elections - but it also made me aware that despite its enchanting array of flora and fauna, it’s fragile and at the hands of exploitation.”

Since returning home Daniel’s travels have not stopped, however as he has been in high demand across the country giving talks about his American excursion to various groups - including schools and colleges - on behalf of the Royal Geographical Society.

And he will not be settling down any time soon as he is now preparing for his next adventure - at university. In September he will be relocating to the capital to study physical geography at the Royal Holloway, University of London.




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