It looks unlikely the Hemsby beachhomes earmarked for demolition will be taken down before Christmas as originally hoped.

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It looks unlikely the four homes earmarked for demolition will be taken down before Christmas as originally hoped.

A spokesman for Great Yarmouth Borough Council, which has stepped in to pay for the demolition of four Hemsby chalets after asbestos was found inside one, said: “There are four properties at the Marrams which currently require demolition – two have fallen down the cliff face and the other two are seriously undermined, as a result of coastal erosion.

“The homes are all private properties. However, the borough council will carry out the demolition on behalf of the residents, as asbestos is visible in one of the properties, which could pose a health risk if not removed and disposed of in a controlled and approved fashion.

“The other properties are in too dangerous positions, at current, for thorough investigations to be carried out, but may also contain asbestos. The owners of the properties have agreed to the demolition works, which will be undertaken under the supervision of a specialist asbestos removal firm.

“Contractor, ID Asbestos, has been appointed and visited the site yesterday (Thursday) to take samples of the materials they have got to handle. They have sent it away for sampling to determine what type of asbestos is present before they proceed. It is unlikely the results will come back before Christmas.

“And due to the limited number of working days before December 25, it is also considered uneconomic to hire the plant equipment required before Christmas, as the borough council would have to pay for it to stand redundant and unused over the festive period.

“The borough council has asked ID Asbestos to erect signs at the scene to forewarn residents of the hazard. However, due to the urgency of the situation, the borough council expects demolition work to start early in January 2014.

“The cost of demolition cannot be assessed until all properties have been thoroughly investigated. Initially, the borough council will pay for the demolition, with the intention of recovering the costs through Government schemes.

“In terms of the clean-up of material left on the borough’s beachs by the tidal surge, GYB Services Ltd, the borough council’s operational partner, has inspected both Hemsby and Scratby beaches to assess the amount of material, and staff will remove what they can before Christmas, and the remainder afterwards over a number of weeks. In the long term – and certainly before the summer season – all of the borough’s beaches will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

“As always, the borough council advises those considering scavenging on beaches not pick up anything they cannot identify.”

Meanwhile volunteers have been on the beach all this week, clearing debris that continues to wash up and installing more DIY sea defences to slow the toll of the winter tides.

“We have been making more concrete blocks all this week and will be starting again after Christmas when people will have more time to spare,” said Lorna Bevan-Thompson, landlord of the Lacon Arms which has coordinated a large part of the community effort.

“We’re still fundraising, but we have to accept there is little we can do to save the homes on that side of the Marrams.

“It’s hard for the people who live there. But we can still protect the road behind them. There are still a lot of homes at risk if we don’t act.”


  • If a landowner just a few fields from the beach had been the victimof asbestos fly tipping he would have had to py the full cost if removal or face prosecution by GYBC. Why are these residents not being forced to pay the cost of the clear up? Not being able to get insurance should have been a warning in the first place. And now GYBC has worked out these glorified shacks have asbestos in them they might want to take a look at every other old holiday chalet from California to Winterton-the ones with asbestos shingle roofs non conventional construction etc that were thrown up years ago for holiday homes and are now being lived in all the year round-are they safe to live in at all one wonders. As for the concrete blocks private beach or not no one should be allowed to erect beach defences unless it is part of an approved scheme. ( And what is the Watling trust doing about the clear up-are they the free holders? If so shouldn't they pick up the bill?)

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    Daisy Roots

    Friday, December 20, 2013

  • Very clearly, the cost of demolishing these tatty, non-standard construction properties, should be borne solely but the property owners themselves. If they won’t pay then the council should demolish them and recover the costs via the courts. The local tax payers should not have to pay for peoples stupidity.

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    Norfolk John

    Sunday, December 22, 2013

  • Take a chill pill. It's Christmas.

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    a fine city

    Friday, December 20, 2013

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