Thirty students made the transition from primary to secondary education with a range of activities in Attleborough.

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Attleborough High School was one of the schools in Norfolk that took advantage of the government’s funding of summer school education.

For two weeks over the holiday, the pupils who came from a wide range of feeder schools, took part in a wide variety of tasks and a hot meal, all provided for free.

The summer school was organised by assistant headteacher Carmina McConnell and the sessions run by the school’s former head of English Mary Ellen and James Wills, gifted and talented lead teacher and English teacher.

The course gave the students opportunities to create a brand new music band, learn and perform Shakespeare and create the rules for brand new sports. The summer school also provided opportunities for team and group work.

Mrs McConnell said: “This is the third year we have run a summer school at the high school for students moving from Year 6 to 7 and this has always proved to be an exceedingly worthwhile experience for everyone involved. This year the funding has enabled us to extend the experience from one to two weeks. The high quality provision from our teaching staff over the two weeks has given these students a valuable boost to their secondary education.”




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