Harleston Primary School pupils Joshua Durham and Chanel Symonds work with the new Ipads in class. Photograph Simon Parker

Harleston school issues pupils with iPads

Thursday, November 15, 2012
3.47 PM

Education at a Norfolk primary school took a hi-tech leap when pupils were given iPads to use.

Harleston Primary School has bought 80 of the computers using money saved into a four-year scheme, through the local authority, to buy ICT equipment.

Headteacher Roger Walsh said: “It’s a very exciting way to educate children. They have been doing times tables activities and are very motivated because they think they’re just playing with an iPad but they are learning as well.

“A huge number of children don’t have access to things like iPads, so it’s good to give every pupil the chance to experience using the latest technology.

“It’s amazing to think that there’s probably more technology in these iPads than in the first rockets to the moon.”

The iPads, which have all been security marked, are part of a £45,000 investment in ICT, which also included upgrading the internet wireless system across the school and the desktop computers.

The old computers will be heading out to Africa via a local authority recycling scheme.