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Welcome to the Future Voices section of the EDP website. Working with Norfolk County Council, we want to give young people in Norfolk a voice so they can tell us about their lives, their thoughts, and their future. All the articles are written by young people in Norfolk aged 13 to 18.

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A petition to authorise open book English Literature exams for 2017 has gained more than 100,000 signatures and will be considered by Parliament. But, are open book exams really the best way forward?

The internet is a vast scape of links and web pages that has constantly developed and evolved since its launch in 1991 – but are we too reliant on it? Are our children being raised by the internet?

Over the past month and a half, there has been one man at the forefront of all the major news outlets across the globe: Donald Trump.

The next Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe could be on show this Saturday when the Norfolk Showground hosts the English Schools Cross Country Championships.

Over the past few years, schools have seen a decline in school trips, particularly those that involve going abroad.

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia are only a few of the hidden learning difficulties which many people face in their day to day life. But how badly can they affect young people?

There were many bizarre trends during 2016 - I still find myself pondering the reasons behind fads like the Mannequin Challenge. One trend that captured my eye however, was the magnificent resurgence in vinyl sales.

So, it’s been more than one month since New Year’s Day, and I guarantee that 25pc of the resolution-making population have broken their New Year’s promises. But in my opinion, there is no need to make it a big deal.

A record number of hate crimes have been recorded in Norfolk since the vote to leave the EU - Brexit has definitely resulted in anything but British prosperity.

Three shifts in, and I had already decided (through my inexperienced assumptions) that I had an eternal hatred of work.

Revision is a fundamental part of achieving success at any level of education.

Britain has always been a country which takes great pride in its achievements, best highlighted to me this Christmas whilst watching Hugh Grant’s speech as Prime Minister in Love Actually.

Katie Edwards, 19, was offered the exciting opportunity to star in Norwich-based media company Rockstar’s short film Signal. Brogan Quinn spoke to Katie to find out more about her time preparing for the role, as well as what to expect from the upcoming film.

In the UK around 290,000 people suffer from an anxiety disorder. Often many young people fear speaking out, worried of judgement or lack of understanding from peers and family.

Mobile phones used to be for a simple call, the occasional text or a game of the well-loved snake.

In light of the most recent viral craze of a bunch of halfwits dressing up in a red wig, wielding a cricket bat and scaring the bejesus out of innocent passers-by, also known as ‘Killer Clowns’, now seems the right time to take a look back at other such displays of pathetic tomfoolery.

The difference between big and small artists - looking at the music labels, how much artistic freedom do they get?

There seems to be an unwritten rule of public transport etiquette - if other seats are available you should not, under any circumstance, sit next to someone else. Why is this?

The US presidential elections, a hot topic and one that received a large amount of attention. Be it from news outlets, TV shows, or social media; opinion and discussion has sparked from it. However, whenever I saw a story about Trump or Clinton, I ask myself the same question: was there too much media coverage? Granted, it was an interesting and often concerning subject.

Norfolk may be stereotyped as a quiet place for retirees. However, it is actually bursting with careers and opportunity.

63,000 tonnes. That’s roughly 14,000 lorries, or 10,000 African elephants. As hard as it is to believe, this is how much food Norfolkians waste every single year. In fact, the average UK family flushes £700 down the drain per year due to food bought and thrown away without being used.

In the UK, 725,000 men and women of all ages suffer from eating disorders.

Results in Norfolk are rising each year, which adds increasing pressure on schools to be, as Ofsted would say, ‘outstanding’. But what really makes a school ‘outstanding’?

There is no doubt that arriving at sixth form is a daunting experience; new friends, new teachers and a new environment, who wouldn’t be nervous? However, the worst part of all has to be the unexpected leap from GCSEs to A-levels.

Fierce, feisty and full of attitude - three phrases you can definitely use to describe Tracy Beaker, but can you add realistic to that list?

Let’s face it, opinion is divided on autumn and winter. It can be cold, windy and exasperatingly inconvenient for one’s hair. But don’t worry - this isn’t the zombie apocalypse - here are four things that will make the two coldest seasons of the year a little less harrowing.

Halloween: the one holiday that divides families and friends every single year.

Before he became one of America’s most famous and influential journalists, Hunter S. Thompson, at just twenty years old, penned an insightful letter to a friend. The letter serves as invaluable advice that any young person should take.

Yasssss, that’s totes peng bae, ur brows are so on fleek rn, like seriously m8! Any idea what was just said? Chances are if you’re over 30 you will be clueless.

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements online, on the television, and around our cities.

‘Climate change’ is a phrase that’s been around for as long as I remember, and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

Village after village the banners screamed, “Go Melissa Go” and posters of Melissa in action adorned shop windows for miles. By the end of my summer holiday in eastern Canada I knew all about athlete Melissa Bishop.

As September quickly approaches, those moving up and into A2 are finding themselves asking the same question: ‘What’s next?’

I only really found out about my role model relatively recently, through an internet band known as NSP, a band that I started to listen to a few years ago and have loved ever since.

Day by day we are overwhelmed with millions of funny tweets, viral videos on Facebook and pictures of the ideal relationship on Instagram.

It was a referendum that meant their future will lie outside the European Union, but in which they were prevented from having their say.

There is no doubt that the canaries are expected to fly straight back up through the cage of the championship and into free air of the Premier League.

When a young person turns 17, the excitement of learning to drive kicks in. The thoughts of freedom and independence is enough to convince anyone, however there are some young people who feel that it is more of a pressure to learn. So what about those who don’t feel ready to drive?

The film industry is becoming increasingly saturated with tasteless ‘bro-movies’ in which we are expected to follow the vulgar, misogynistic escapades of a charmless cretin and his band of tedious buddies.

With all the distractions of the modern world, it can be difficult to remain engaged in a book that doesn’t grab you from the off. Here are five books guaranteed to keep you enthralled:

When Music Week released their ‘30 under 30’ list featuring only two individuals of ethnic minority earlier this year it sent shock waves through the music industry and across the UK.

Can you help Norfolk’s Cassie Hill compete in the World Martial Arts Games?

Schools across England began teaching a selection of the new GCSEs and A-levels in September 2015. The first examinations will be sat in summer 2017.

Cast your mind back to your last PE lesson then answer this: what did you actually learn? Most likely, something along the lines of how to bounce a ball or how to do a pencil roll.

I’m a film lover, and it’s no secret to my friends and family that there is one man who I always refer to when justifying my obsession: Christopher Nolan.

When a teenage girl hits puberty, it’s like waving goodbye as she floats away into the deepening, darkening depths of losing herself and meeting the generic, ‘copy and paste’ version, of who society tells her to be.

There is often a lot of stigma attached to mental health issues. This needs to be tackled.

No matter how scary, intimidating, or seemingly lifeless teachers are, they are human. As humans we have an ingrained need to set out our ideas as passionately and as emphatically as possible.

A young person’s choice of role models seem to reflect our era of vanity.

It’s the summer holidays, you’ve been longing for this moment all year. And it’s raining. So what do you do? Norfolk offers a range of attractions that are enjoyable even in pouring rain.

Short of ideas of what to do this summer? Here are a few dates for your diary. 

Tom Dale’s story is one which is personal to North Norfolk and is an inspiration to any aspiring entrepreneurs in the area.

As students across the UK finish exams and unite one last time as the class of 2016 at their glamorous proms, we see the thoughts of grades simmer to the back of their minds. But what do schools really care about? Their students or just their grades?

Norfolk teenagers have been showing off their photographic talents with a series of stunning images showing different aspects of life in the county.

An issue, I have witnessed, that young people face is the degradation of language caused by a mass over-indulgence in technology.

Everyday, young people face constant exposure to the ‘ideal body image’, but what impact is this truly having on the younger generations?

The migrant crisis is a growing problem - and one former Norfolk teacher has first hand experience of some of its horrors.

Who’d choose to come home after a gruelling day at work, scrub the house clean, cook the dinner, get the kids bathed and ready for bed then finally succumb to the mighty fist of exhaustion?

At parties, playgrounds and street corners up and down the country teenagers are making the choice. To smoke or not to smoke?

Nadine Kaadan, a Syrian author-illustrator of children’s books, recently visited the Norwich Writers’ Centre. With a kind smile, and a purple flower tucked behind one ear (“a gift from a fan”), Kaadan is every bit as animated as her books suggest.

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