Keith Skipper

Cross-border music and comedy raid to Lowestoft raises funds for EDP We Care Appeal

Thursday, June 5, 2014
2.24 PM

A cross-border raid by a Norfolk band of entertainers into Suffolk has earned cash for unsung carers.

And the recce to share squit, stories, mirth and music was such a success, it could be repeated next year.

The platoon of performers was led by EDP columnist, writer and staunch defender of all things Norfolk Keith Skipper.

He and a band of comics and folk singers did a “We Come in Peace” show at Lowestoft’s Marina Theatre, which raised £222.59 for the EDP We Care Appeal.

Mr Skipper said the collection was a reflection of the success of the event - and there was talk of a return trip in 2015.

There was a lot of “mickey taking” at Suffolk, and banter back about Norfolk.

He added: “We did put out feelers regarding an exchange programme .. offering all the clubs along Prince of Wales Road in Norwich for Snape Maltings because they seem to close a bit earlier in Suffolk.”

Other bold ideas to explore the inter-county rivalry would be will be closely examined before the next raid.

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