Norfolk police were called when Chrristmas lights were stolen from a Scarning garden.

Stolen Christmas lights discovered under hedge

Thursday, January 3, 2013
12.45 PM

Multicoloured Christmas lights that were stolen from a garden were found on the side of a path.

The lights were in a tree by the side of a semi-detached house on Greenwood Drive, Scarning, near Dereham, and were taken between 1pm and 7pm on Boxing Day.

Ryan Woods, 25, who owns the house, said a neighbour found the lights on Ted Ellis Walk, between Scarning and Dereham, around lunchtime yesterday (Wednesday).

Mr Woods, who works in Morrisons in Dereham, said: “She saw something sticking out of the bottom of the hedge and kept pulling until they came out. The people who took them pulled the wires apart. I’m not sure they can be put back together.”

After the lights were stolen, Mr Woods said his four-year-old daughter Megan was “gutted”, “disappointed” and “sad”.

He added a friend of his wife’s donated white icicle lights for the tree and they will buy new lights for Christmas this year.

“Lights make Christmas more exciting for the kids,” Mr Woods added.

He reported the crime to the police, but he said it is no longer being investigated.