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Police issue bogus caller warning after incident in Norwich

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
9.28 PM

Police have warned people to be vigilant to bogus callers following an incident in Norwich.

At around 4.15pm today two men called at the home of an elderly lady on Britannia Road claiming one had lost his phone and he believed it would be at the property.

When the men were told this was not the case they left. No entry was gained to the house.

Both men were white, in their late 20s with dark hair.

Householders in the city are being reminded by police to keep their homes secure at all times.

If an unexpected person calls at your house, ask for ID which a genuine visitor will be happy to provide. If you are unsure about a caller to your home do not allow entry and call police immediately.

Anyone with information about the bogus callers in Norwich should call Norfolk Police on 101.

For crime prevention advice call 101 or visit Norfolk Constabulary’s website.