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Police inquiry into officer ‘swearing’ after Hethersett man arrested

Friday, December 28, 2012
1.03 PM

Police have launched an inquiry after an officer was allegedly recorded swearing at a man who had just been arrested.

The man was arrested in Hethersett on Christmas night and called his neighbour in Campion Way, Andre Smith from a police van.

Mr Smith, 24, said the man phoned him just before midnight on Christmas Eve to ask if he could bring him some cigarettes.

Police took the phone off the man, but it fell to the floor and Mr Smith recorded the following conversation.

“They were winding him up and swearing at him,” he said.

The car park manager was concerned at the officers’ behaviour so called police to tell them what was happening.

“I think the way they behaved was wrong,” he said. “It raises concerns about what the police are actually like. You don’t expect coppers who have just arrested somebody to swear at them.”

The Professional Standards Department is visiting Mr Smith today to take a statement from him.

A Norfolk Constabulary spokesman said: “Police can confirm they received a complaint from a member of the public regarding the conduct of a police officer and the language that he used after an arrest late evening on December 25 in the Hethersett area.

“The Professional Standards Department has been informed and are making inquiries.

“Following the incident, a 40-year-old man from Hethersett was cautioned for racially aggravated verbal abuse of a police officer.”

The neighbour was arrested by on suspicion of disorderly behaviour and was later released without charge for the offence.

But he was later cautioned for racially aggravated verbal abuse of a police officer.