Police break up illegal Christmas rave near Norfolk village

Friday, December 28, 2012
10.08 AM

Police broke up an illegal Christmas rave near Great Melton after receiving complaints about the loud music.

Officers discovered nine vehicles gathered down a dirt track at around 5.15am on Wednesday, and ordered the music to be switched off.

The following morning, one villager reported seeing police breathalysing drivers close to the pits area between Little Melton and Hethersett.

Another saw cars which appeared to be stuck in the mud on Boxing Day morning.

A spokesman for Norfolk police said officers “engaged with those in attendance [and] took positive action” upon finding the rave.

The spokesman said police would continue their strong stand against illegal raves and musical gatherings.

He added: “This is due to the impact and distress such an unplanned and unprepared-for event can have on local communities.”