Regency fish and chip shop on New Street, Cromer. The owner Brenard Parkin was fined £12,000 at Norwich Magistrates Court for hygiene breaches. Inspectors found a drain in the kitchen full of grease.

Cromer fish and chip shop fined £12,000 for food hygiene breaches

By Tom Bristow
Friday, November 30, 2012
8.04 AM

A fish and chip shop owner faces a £12,000 bill after admitting a string of food safety breaches.

Bernard Parkin of Beach Road, East Runton, pleaded guilty yesterday to eight offences at the Regency Fish and Chip restaurant on New Street, Cromer.

They included:

■ Failing to keep his shop clean

■ Not cleaning equipment

■Failing to have proper pest control

■ Not training staff in hygiene

The 68-year-old also admitted breaking food safety law by not labelling food in the fridge with a proper use-by date.

Inspectors found grease on drain pipes in the kitchen, the floor and sink were dirty, and the walls of the room where potatoes were stored were covered in mould, while the floor was swamped with water.

A can opener, the potato peeling machine, chopping board and inside of the microwave oven were also dirty.

At Norwich Magistrates Court yesterday, Parkin apologised for the breaches which date to May 9.

Chair of the bench Roger Marston said: “We do believe this is a health risk to the public.”

He fined Parkin £12,000 and asked him to pay prosecution costs to North Norfolk District Council of £2,860.

Speaking after the hearing, Parkin told the EDP: “I suppose it was my fault. I should have picked things up but I didn’t.

“I was wrong and I admit it. If I was younger it would not have happened.”

Days after a visit by council safety inspectors, a fire ripped through the business.

Parkin said the shop was being refurbished following the blaze and new equipment was being installed.

He promised the business would be “200pc” when it reopened, which he hoped would be soon.

“I am not going through all this again,” he said.

“I’ve learned lessons from what happened and it won’t happen again.

“You will be able to eat fish and chips off the floor.”

He added: “People have been saying please reopen, we miss your fish and chips.

“We never sold anything bad but that wasn’t mentioned in court.”