Police are appealing for information.

Burglars makes off with spirits in overnight break in at Swaffham Rugby Club

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
12.04 PM

Thieves who broke into Swaffham Rugby Club last night stole £200 worth of spirits from the bar cellar.

The break in at the North Pickenham Road site came nine days after thieves smashed windows at Swaffham Golf Club and stole the £1,000 safe.

Rugby club chairman Ian Milligan said the cleaner discovered the break in when she found broken windows and smashed glass.

He said burglars appeared to have cut the phone lines, and the alarm system did not ring.

He said: “It appears the windows were smashed and broken and there appears to be a frame that has been twisted in the window to allow someone to get through.

“They attacked the bar shuttering and managed to gain access to the cellar and take the stock of spirits.

“The thing that’s more annoying is that the cost of the damage to get it probably way exceeds what they got away with.

“It’s a sad reflection of what society has come to. This is a volunteer-run club. We make enough to survive and things like this really do damage that ability.”

He said the club was previously targeted in 2008, when thieves caused £2,000 of damage and stole three bottles of scotch.

Police said they were called to reports of the break in at 8.50am, and asked anyone with any information to phone them on 101.