At least 15 Norfolk schools close early due to flood risk or for use as evacuation centres

Cliff Park High School will be used as a relief centre. Earlier this year Norfolk Prepared Week (Norfolk County Council wide), Cliff Park High School will be used as a relief centre. Earlier this year Norfolk Prepared Week (Norfolk County Council wide), "Exercise Harmony East" saw a fake evauation centre opened at Cliff Park High School with volunteers playing evacuees. The main hall used at the rest centre for the evacuees. Picture: James Bass

Thursday, December 5, 2013
4:47 PM

At least 15 Norfolk schools have announced early closures today because of the severe weather.

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They include Cobholm Primary, which closed from 2pm due to flood risk, Flegg High School which closed from noon, and North Denes Junior School which closed from 1pm due to “high wind, bridge closures and risk of flooding”.

Others have closed as they are being used as relief centres for people who have been advised to leave their homes.

As of 3.30pm, 15 schools had posted the following information on the Norfolk County Council school closures website:

•Caister High School (NR30 5LS) - Being used as an evacuation centre.

•Cliff Park High School (NR31 6TA) - The school has been activated as an emergency rest centre as a result of the forecasted high tide and strong winds. School will close for all pupils at 1pm. Buses will transport pupils home from 1.15pm. Lunch will be available as normal for pupils prior to them leaving.

•Cobholm Primary School (NR31 0BA) - Closing from 2.00pm due to floos risk.

•Edward Worlledge Community Junior School (NR31 0ER) - Due to severe flood warning the school will be closing at 1.00 p.m. today.

•Flegg High School (academy) (NR29 4QD) - Due to adverse weather conditions we will be closing the school early. Buses will arrive from 12 to 12.30pm.

•Fleggburgh CE VC Primary School (NR29 3AG) - Closed due to possible danger from unsafe tree.

•Great Yarmouth VA High School (NR30 4LS) - School closed due to risk of flooding to students’/staff homes. Expect to be open Friday, we will update you early morning by text & school/Norfolk websites

•John Grant School (NR30 5QW) - We are aiming to close early at 2.00pm because of the growing concerns about flooding and bridge closure. Many of the schools transport vehicles are also on standby or flood evacuation. We will not allow pupils to leave however unless we are sure parents/carers are available

•Martham Primary & Nursery School Trust (Academy) (NR29 4PR) -

•North Denes Junior School (NR30 4HF) - Due to high wind, bridge closures and risk of flooding school is closing from 1pm

•Ormiston Venture Academy (NR31 7JJ) - Great Yarmouth is under a tidal surge warning. The academy has been activated as an emergency centre and will be closed to students.

•Peterhouse CE VA Primary School (NR31 7BY) - School is closing at 1pm due to adverse weather conditions and possible flooding. This is to allow staff and pupils who live in or travel through effected areas to get home safely. The situation will be reviewed in the morning.

•South Wootton Junior School (PE30 3JZ) - We have no heating today

•Southtown Infant School (NR31 0HJ) - The school will be closed at 1pm due to adverse weather conditions and the possiblity of evacuation of the Southtown area.

•St. Mary’s RC VA Primary & Nursery School (NR31 6QY) - Due to the extreme weather conditions and warnings from national agencies, parents are welcome to collect their children from school before the normal end of the school day, 3:00pm. This means you can collect your child AT ANY TIME but not later than 3:00pm. Thank you

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  • Typical teachers – any excuse to leave off early!

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    Norfolk John

    Thursday, December 5, 2013



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